Drew Ferguson: Proven Track Record

About Drew

Congressman Drew Ferguson is a proud resident of West Point, Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia and gained early acceptance to the Medical College of Georgia. After graduating with a degree in dental medicine, he moved back to his hometown and established a successful family dental practice.

A Mayor With Fiscal Sense

As Mayor of West Point, Drew Ferguson focused heavily on attracting and keeping jobs in his community. His leadership helped bring the massive Kia Motors Manufacturing plant to Georgia, which led to the creation of over 16,000 jobs. By lowering taxes, eliminating government barriers and reforming education, he led a community in economic ruin back to life. Congressman Drew Ferguson applies the lessons he learned revitalizing West Point to create policies that ensure the United States remains the most competitive place to do business.

Jobs and Innovation

Just as important as the creation of jobs, Congressman Ferguson seeks to help those in poverty to move into the middle class. Smart and effective welfare entitlement reform that actually helps people move ahead rather than trapping them in a cycle of poverty is the first step. Congressman Ferguson believes these problems cannot simply be regulated away, but should look for solutions that get the government out of the way of American innovation growth. This is as much a moral issue as it is a practical matter.